05 Jun 2010
  1. To start of as anti-climatically as possible, here is an outfit post! See, nothing’s changed at all.

    I’ve been holding off like a mofo posting these while planning out this whole move. I changed my hair color again recently. Not a radical change.

    I decided to go platinum. Gold just ain’t cuttin’ it anymore.

    I think it’s also in line with my personal style, which I sorta think has evolved while I was in Florence. Over time I grew a desire to look…. more silhouetted? Even though I’m pulling a hobo here.

    And here was what I was referring to in the title:

    My sister and I. I’m not sure what inspired that facial expression.

  2. 05 Jun 2010
    Life as a Housecat

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  3. A little more catching up to do.

    Thankfully I have a job at the moment (as a couple of you out there who recognized me had noticed — holla back), because the month I spent jobless post-Florence was also MONEY MONEY SPENDING SPENDING CENTRAL. Little to do, you know?

    Anyways, one day I went to a record fair at the Black Cat.

    Ho ho, unintentional wearing of cats. I wanted to look a little folksy, but then I ended up like.. this.

    Couldn’t get enough of these suspenders in Florence — still can’t.

    Vest, t-shirt, suspenders, shorts: secondhand

    Another day; paid Silvia of Vintage No. 5 a visit.

    I slept on my hair funny, but I pretended it was intentional.

    I’ve been wanting black diamondnet fishnets, and Hot Topic provided. Speaking of Hot Topic, its level of appeal has gotten disturbing. Like, it has everything I want. And more. Discuss this later.

    Everything I’m wearing is recent thrift store pick-ups, mi favorita being this cherry blossom print Gianfranco Ferré silk blazer. Not bad for 13 clams?

    And one more new accessory. That fashion ed on my screen was coincidental.

  4. 06 Jun 2010
    90-something Degrees

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  5. …Is how hot it’s been lately. Someone asked me a long time ago how I dressed in hot weather. Mysteriously, it’s taken me 3 years to answer that.

    Stripes, polka dots and Americana. I notice the Glamourai’s and Liebemarlene and I’m sure countless others have been on a polka dot spree as well. Sometimes I wonder if these things are coincidences, or maybe the obvious invisible hand of the fashion industry delivers subliminally in-your-face Internet messages.

    I also only find high-waisted shorts acceptable now.

    Cardigan: Lynne Ritchie
    Polka dot top: Urban Outfitters
    Shorts: secondhand
    Shoes: customized 

  6. 07 Jun 2010
    Deep Metaphors

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  7. I was trying to find a way to wear this silk checkered top I had bought in Boston. Tried I did.

    It’s times when my hair gets poofy like this that I end up kind of Warhol-y. Not that I… have a problem with that.

    Shoes ruin everything: part zillion. Job-wise,I don’t have the convenience to be able to wear attractive and uncomfortable shoes.

    And here’s my deep metaphor explaining this outfit: cold, black and white industrial crosses over into rugged nature. Thanks, high school education. On another note, I never thought to ever reveal the high waistband of a pair of hosiery; it came out like this by accident when I was putting on my top. I like the effect though. Though I probably wouldn’t if I had eaten a lot.

    Checkered top: secondhand Jaegar London
    Diamondnet fishnets: Hot Topic
    Camo pants: Zara
    Shoes: H&M 

  8. 08 Jun 2010
    Secret Sherry Society

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  9. Last week, I was excited to attend my first actual “runway show”. Well, it so much a runway show as a performance put on by the Secret Sherry Society, the worst-kept secret society ever. Well, no, it’s a society whose “primary concern was the artful dissemination of the secrets of their favorite beverage, Sherry.”

    Basically, it was an opportunity to show off and serve various types of sherry while putting on a show with looks inspired said various types. More on the show itself later, though in the meantime, you can poke around the event pictures to get a taste of it.

    Aaaand, what my comrades and I wore.

    According to the invitation, the apparent dress code was “disguises and aliases encouraged”. Though apparentLY, we were the only ones to try to remotely follow that. They gave out these masks, which I guess were all the other eventgoer’s equivalent of “disguise”.

    I got a speakeasy vibe from the nature of the event, but I didn’t really have enough clothes to evoke the ’20s, so I went ’60s instead. My male friend just went full-on tuxedo, and my female friend was alerted short notice so I gave her my hat.

    As we were clearly the youngest people there, the photographer asked us to ham it up to him a bit. And that is exactly what… I did.

    Me and half a tit. I went more of a distorted, early ’60s Willy Wonka route, but I enjoyed the opportunity to dress thematically nonetheless. The gloves and the glasses are recent finds of antique market, which I’ve just recently been discovering the wonders of.

    I’d like to think this event was the precursor of my current raging Mad Men addiction.

    Dress, glasses, gloves, belt, bracelet: secondhand
    Bag: Marc Jacobs
    Lip color: MAC in “Cyber” 

  10. 09 Jun 2010
    Ms. Referential

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  11. I stole two ideas with this outfit. Idea number 1:

    Susie Bubble’s love of nude/blue, pastel/peach, whatever concept along those lines. My love of frou frou has been waning, almost disappearing in recent times, but I thought of her when I decided to pull my nude slips out from the dust bunnies.

    Sheer and sparklies to go around. I found a way to wear this severely itchy sheer sparkly striped blouse by — what else — cutting off the sleeves and wearing it as a vest. 

    Slip, sheer blue dress, sheer blouse: secondhand
    Headband and leggings: Urban Outfitters 

    Idea number 2: Kork Ease

    Is it popular now, all of a sudden? Somehow I remember the brand’s target audience being suburbia moms and late ’90s elementary school children (me being… one of them).

    Shameless story: I saw this pair at a secondhand shop last week. Thought they were alright, but I was put off by the brand and their not-clog-ness (was on the hunt, you know). A few days later, I see the same pair on Kingdom of Style AND Fashion Binge. The ones Queen Michelle owns has a higher heel, but I thought, “Oh hell. I wanted some comfortable platform sandals anyways.”

    And thus the shameless purchase was made. By me. Passively. The straps are light as a feather, though.

  12. 11 Jun 2010
  13. Getting to the ACTUAL Secret Sherry Society stuff. Sorry in advance for the crappy photo quality, I actually FORGOT my camera and was forced to use my phone cam.

    The show was held at Union 206 in Alexandria, VA. It was a small, yet warehouse-like space.

    Cool space, there was a live band playing acoustic Spanish music and everything.

    The sherry-inspired looks were by local designer Stella Bonds, who also shows at DC Fashion Week, something that I know depressingly little about.

    The show itself:

    Like I said, not so much a runway show as a runway performance. The models strutted down and passed a mysterious treasure chest around, finally revealing it to be — what else — a bottle of sherry. Liked the guy’s blindfold makeup.

    Then they had the closing walk like a typical show.

    The looks themselves were all wood-like nymphy, inspired by the woody nature of the sherry:

    Girlfriend is workin’ it. Loved her huge-ass beehive.

    Liked the model staging after the show; they looked like wax sculptures. Whilst the guests sipped sherry and finished the accompanying hors d’oeuvers.

    All in all, I was very happy to have gone to my first show! Thanks to the Secret Sherry Society for unofficially inducting me, of course. I can only hope that this isn’t the last (cough).

    Lastly, to the benefit of myself cuz I’m a camwhore the readers, I recreated what I wore that night, full body:

    Not exactly fitting in with the woodland theme, but it was themed nonetheless.

  14. 12 Jun 2010
    Things I Never Tire Of

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  15. Striped pants and sequins. And this editorial.

    Also working on my “walk walk fashion baby” face. Saturday’s the "Capital Pride" Parade as well. So I wanted to pay tribute by mostly letting the sequins speak for themselves. But, you know, casually.

    Also been wearing headbands a lot. Another plus to my hair now: its brittle, straw-like consistency looks good molded with a headband. My previous hairstyles were architectural enough in themselves so that headgear was a bit awkward. Hah. Hah.

    Imitating the inexplicably popular squatting pose. Perhaps trying to prove my ability to use Asian toilets.

    Sequined shoulder padded top: secondhand
    Vest: Necessary Objects
    Pants: flea
    Headband: UO
    Ankle boots: Seychelles 

  16. 19 Jun 2010
    Mermaid Tales

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  17. Test driving two recently-materialized clothing items:

    The Krystalrae necklace and my DIY’d lace flared leggings.

    My stance is creating the illusion that the flare is more humongo that it actually is. Looks like a big fish tail. Hence the title of this post.

     I had said the holographic fabric piece was clutch-sized… and so I am wearing it on my side as such. If only they made fanny packs this awexome.

    Sequined jacket and hot pants: H&M
    Top: Sweet Pea
    Heels: Seychelles

    By the way, Krystalrae has some other amazing pieces that I continue to salivate over. Check it:

    Mmm mm. I never really wear jewelry too much (if you haven’t noticed over the years), usually due to inconvenience/can only focus on one thing(clothes)at a time. I’ve always been jeal of people who wear tons of rings on each finger and zillions of bracelets. Perhaps this is my jewelry gateway.