18 Jan 2011
    Matchy Matchy

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  1. Hot pink sweater, nails and silly band. Just the way I like it!

    I’ve developed a preference for minimal design and simple and comfortable clothing (patterns don’t count). I wonder if that’s a result of getting older, or getting lazier.

    Though we can’t forget about the Mongolian lamb fur. That’s a classic. The last time I wore this coat was a year ago, back when it was a long coat. So I decided to make it a short coat.

    Coat, sweater: secondhand
    Pants: Gap
    Shoes: Clarks
    Hat: UO 

  2. 15 Jan 2011
    Pink Fur

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  3. Two things I haven’t worn in a while:

    Fur coat from last winter and pink wool skirt from.. years ago? Yep.

     I like a pink/neutral/black color combination. Or neutral/black/anything.

    Recently got a new bag, I’m into the whole tube-shaped bag thing right now.

    Coat, top, skirt: secondhand
    Bag: B.Makowsky
    Shoes: UO 

  4. 14 Jan 2011
  5. It’s a new year and a new semester. With that I always resolve to be more proactive, at least in the beginning! Including a resolve to be more proactive on this blog. That mainly involves remembering to bring a camera, and remembering to take a picture of myself. Starting with last Tuesday:

    With three animal prints. I suppose one could say that I was feeling… spotty? Ha ha!

    I feel that my style has indeed changed quite a bit over the years, but if there’s one thing that’s remained the same, it’s more patterns = more satisfaction. Ahh.

    Cardigan, shoes: secondhand
    Button down, pants: H&M
    Leopard print bodysuit: F21 

  6. 04 Dec 2010
    Last day of work

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  7. And I wore THIS:

    Yeah, I just can’t get shorts, tights, knee socks and boots out of my head. It’s just such an… easy and flattering look!

    Although now that I’ve finally quit my retail job, I can get back to what’s important — shopping secondhand! Ho ho ho! This yellow sweater is now my favorite hand-me-down — my mom has apparently amassed a number of ’60s style cashmere sweaters and ’80s tights that she has only revealed to me recently. J-a-c-k-p-o-t-!

    Everything secondhand, except H&M faux fur stole

  8. 02 Dec 2010
    Gym Shorts

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  9. I’m sure 20 years from now, when I’m looking through my closet, I’ll look at the shorts and say, “Man, remember that time when gym shorts were inexplicably trendy?!”

    Yep. I feel like today would’ve been a good day to do some crunk or hip hop, but alas. I just walked around.

    In other news, there was a period a few weeks ago where I bought four pairs of shoes in four days. These cow-print ankle boots are one of them.

    Faux fur vest: Zara
    Cardigan: UO
    Shorts, boots: secondhand
    Tights: The Sock Man

  10. 01 Dec 2010
    Where in the World is

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  11. Actually, when I was younger, I just watched the TV show “Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego" but ANYWAYS.

    I never really thought about floor-length coats until a woman pointed one out to me in a thrift store and said, “I think it would look good on you!” And so I took her word for it!

    And yep, still doin’ my fancy hat thing.

    Coat, boots, bag: secondhand
    Hat, shorts: UO
    Shirt, fishnets: H&M

    edit: Oh SNAP I just realized this outfit is essentially the same as the last note. I guess this is a phase!

  12. 28 Nov 2010
    Fancy Hat Trick

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  13. I dunno. I bought this hat recently and have been wearing it incessantly:

    Wide-brim hats: so hot right now. I’ve also been in a spaghetti western type mood, clothes wise.

    Quite a few people were a fan of my tie-dye suede shorts. Wilson’s Leather, who knew you were so trendy?

    Hat, knee-highs: UO
    Coat, denim shirt, shorts, boots: secondhand
    Lace tights: DKNY 

  14. 01 Nov 2010
  15. I was Dilbert for the day before Halloween, but the next day, I decided “ehhh, why not, because I can”:

    Good ‘ol Ziggy Stardust! I already had the hair from fashion:district (which was da bomb by the way, photos coming later). I also realized that I could just dress more or less the way I normally do, but with an added lightning bolt on my face. It was a bit too cold to do the full-on bodysuit, unfortunately.

    I mean, it was easier than dressing up as Dilbert since I didn’t have to find no glasses and put no pipe cleaners in no ties.

    Oh yeah
    Ziggy played guitaaaaaaar…. 

    Faux fur stole, sequin jacket: H&M
    Bodysuit: Black Milk
    Belt, pants: secondhand
    Shoes: customized