26 Mar 2011
    Etsy Roundup, part 8

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  1. I’m a fan of two string jane because of her mix of kitschy and cute furniture with vintage and repurposed clothing:

    When I have enough money to be able to afford my own furniture for my own place, the faux bear skin rug’s the first thing going in.

    Also, the desire for red, S&M type things — NEVER DIES. I’m such an old timer.

    Top row, from left: Toxic Vision harness, Elizabeth Santry

    Bottom Row: Collective Chaosyoung and ukraine

    Somewhat similarly:

    Savage Salvage does the whole death animal bone theme that lots of bloggers seem to love, but I think there’s some cleverness to it, like the “rock horns” pendant on the bottom left. The spiky necklace might be deadly for someone over a B cup to wear, though. Still fierce.

    And best of all…

    I think of all the interpretations of penis jewelry I have seen (and I’ve seen… many), I think this one is the best by far.

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