23 Sep 2010
    Random Neon

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  1. I don’t really know why I did it:

    I wish my hair were blonde again for this one day, so I’d look like someone in Prague or somesuch. Dunno if neon is still big in Eastern Europe.

    That’s really all I have to say about that.

    Cardigan: J’Envie
    Top: secondhand
    Pants: Tripp NYC 

  2. 22 Sep 2010
    Greased Lightning

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  3. Androgyny, pt 3:

    I woke up with my hair standing straight up like this, so I sprayed from hair spray and went along with my day.

    Can’t get enough of these leopard print pants. I’m in the throes of my annual H&M shopping frenzy, and this year, it’s leopard-mania. Alas, I’m one of their prime victims.

    Yeah so anyway, I’ve got an ’80s thing going on; yesterday was ’90s, the day before was ’60s and 3 days ago was ’70s. Just plugging along the decades…

    Blazer, button-down, pants: H&M
    Necklace, shoes: secondhand 

  4. 20 Sep 2010
    Tokyo Drift

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  5. Hello, 199-something:

    My former employer Silvia let me snatch up this pair of incredible, buttery-soft Dolce & Gabbana leather pants. I understand the intense cheese-factor of this statement, but they fit perfectly throughout the thigh and flare out so dramatically. I have to take them in at the waist, though. Still, wonderous.

    Also, one of my professors said it was an amazing feat that I matched my hair to my pants. It’s also an amazing feat that the contents of this parking garage also seem to match what I’m wearing.

    I’ll wear this next outfit next time I have a job interview for Vegas strip club management.

    Blazer: Norma Kamali for Walmart
    Leopard print t-shirt: secondhand
    Pants: Dolce & Gabbana
    Shoes: Kork-Ease 

  6. 20 Sep 2010
    Dear Diary

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  7. I wore plain outfits two days in a row, so you get a twofer:

    People really liked this totally ’70s shiny polyester shirtdress, despite the holes and wrinkles from inferior washing.

    My belt had totally sweet gold elephants on it though, so maybe that’s what people liked.

    Also: got a totally short new haircut and dye job. A few days ago, when I was in a blazer-and-tight-pants mood, I think people were trying to figure out if I were a boy or a girl.

    The next day:

    Took a picture with totally elegant Five Guys guy. The facial expression we were trying to go for was “nonchalant”, but it turned into “oh look, public masturbators”.

    I admit I that was thinking about Jane Seberg when I bought these walk of shame clothes, minus the stripes.

    I was wearing these shoes all the while:

    I missed the Of Montreal and Janelle Monae concert at the 9:30 Club, but if I HAD gone, I would’ve worn these shoes. Missed opportunities… totally.

    All clothes: secondhand
    All leg/footwear: UO 

  8. 14 Sep 2010
    Office Space

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  9. This post has nothing to do with offices, but when I think khakis and a button-down, that’s what usually associates.

    So, sorry, androgyny pt 2. There’s only one reason why I’m still glad there’s a summer breeze: I wouldn’t get away with wearing completely sheer shirts with no layering otherwise.

    Yep, sheer. If I do ever work at an office, it could only be one that allows what I’m wearing.

    Tangent: Is it just me, or is it hard to do the “slim, androgynous” style with secondhand clothes? The stuff I’ve been wearing the past few days have all been high street. It’s hard to find form-fitting things at a thrift store.

    I got this necklace at a Moroccan flea market but never thought to wear it until now. I also haven’t worn these jodhpurs in over a year. What could this wardrobe digging mean!?

    Sheer blouse: H&M
    Pants: Zara
    Necklace: flea
    Shoes, belt: secondhand 

  10. 13 Sep 2010
    Eat it, Jo Calderone

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  11. That’s right, Lady Gaga’s alter ego!:

    Relatedly: DC Fashion’s Night Out was a blast! We were the only live models posing in this windows of this gallery space, and we “killed it”, as the saying goes. 

    More on that later. It’s been 3 days since then, and I still don’t have the heart to wash out this Elvis-one-side-Johnny-Rotten on the other hair styling. There’s a pound of gel and hairspray festering up there, but it’s still good.

    Some typing points:
    a) Norma Kamali for Walmart continues to impress, especially with blazers. I like the masculine cut with narrow arms.
    b) This sweater has foxes on them ho ho.
    c) I think these are the tightest pants I’ve ever worn. Finally replaced my own snakeskin Zara pants with another animal print. I’ll get snakeskin print into my life again some day…

    Cotton candy swirls.

    Blazer: Norma Kamali for Walmart
    Sweater: UO
    Pants: H&M 

  12. 09 Sep 2010
  13. So… How’s it goin’ guys?

    There are a million and a half things going on right now, some potentially related to this blog, some not — I’m planning on catching up eventually. Most relatedly, I’m getting involved with DC Fashion’s Night Out, which is Friday, September 10th! I’ll be hanging out around Georgetown and posing in the windows of Darrell Dean Antiques (1524 Wisconsin Ave). Everyone involved has worked really hard to get this event off the ground, so your presence would be very much appreciated!

    As is always the case around here, I have nothing more substantial to say, so… outfit post.

    I’ve been wanting to do more outfit posts going along with this “zillion degrees outside” theme, but I haven’t even really had time to get photos. Mostly falling back on the same light cardigans and single layers.

    I think a lot of the East Coast experienced the beauty that was Labor Day weekend, and now we’re back to hot as hell weather. I am unbelievably sick of summer.

    Hipster/librarian/hipster librarian. Accentuated by all my kool art kidz painting stuff in the background.

    Also per usual: just as clogs are on their way out, I got my way in. Spotted them in a thrift store. Honestly, they’re a great pair of comfortable, heeled shoes. Practicality wins this round!

    Also for practicality purposes: I refused to wear these vintage frames until I put my prescription in them. I found them in a pile of cheap plastic frames and thus reasoned with the shopkeeper to give them to me for $2. Stinginess wins this round!

    Glasses, clogs, bag: secondhand
    Cardigan: J.Crew
    Dress: F21 

  14. 29 Aug 2010
    A Fine Vintage

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  15. Aka, “Moar Etsy Lovin’”. I yam what I yam!

    Kids these days always abuse the word “vintage”. I try to remain haughtily, politically correct and use “secondhand” for everything, but whilst I was perusing Planet Claire Vintage's shop, everything just screamed to me, well, “VINTAGE”:

    Not just “clothing specific to an era, over 20 years old, etc.” More specifically, “VINTAGE COUTURE, STUNNING, GODDESS, ETC.” I think the presentation is what does it for me. It says to me “YSL Retrospective”, or “Met Costume Institute Exhibition”. Or maybe I’m just going crazy and am hearing lots of voices all of a sudden.

    Throwing in a cutesy animal coin purse, for good measure.

    And to make sure this post isn’t JUST about the vintage wares of one seller, here are some…. shoes. Nothing ever changes around here!

    Bowling shoes courtesy of Pacific Wonderland:

    From NStyleVintage, I was actually thinking more “Austin Powers” than “Lady Gaga” for these boots:

    Okay, QUESTION: Despite loving and admiring beautifully-made vintage pieces, I’ve always had a hard time with them; as in, deciding whether they’re worth the value, and even after, figuring out how to wear them. This seems to be the case regardless if I find the piece at a well-curated boutique or a crappy thrift store.

    It may just be that it’s difficult to “put a modern spin on an old look” or whatever buzz words people like to use. Or it may be that it’s a shame to spoil the integrity of the original piece. Or I dunno.

    Vintage requires… THOUGHTS. What are YOURS? About wearing vintage clothing, that is.

  16. 28 Aug 2010
    Xiao Gui

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  17. Earlier today, I found this patch of flowers and thought, “Hey, I match!”

    However, now that I’m looking at these photos…

    It still is true, color scheme-wise, but I totally just look like a Chinese hooligan. Or “little ghost”, or “xiao gui”, as parents like to put it.

    The posing and the background were incidental at the time.

    Ugh, also hair looking especially ratty. This is how NOT to deal with growing out roots.

    Denim jacket, leopard print t-shirt, bag, shoes: secondhand
    Dress: UO
    Socks: Betsey Johnson 

  18. 27 Aug 2010
  19. I’ve been name-dropping the Gbomai Bestman Foundation a bit here, but it’s about time I pic-drop!

    I attended the “Platinum Health Benefit" last weekend, which was held in order to formally introduce the foundation and to call attention to giving aid to women and children subject to infant mortality in Liberia. The event itself was not meant to be heavy-handed; rather, it was a fun evening, complete with "red carpet" schmoozing and a fashion show with looks from DC-based designer Tsyndyma.

    I was invited because I designed a t-shirt for the foundation. However, before I get to that and everything else, as always………. outfit post!

    Yeah, sorry for the dramatic introduction, but I’m just posting what I wore for this one. Not exactly the most unique look in the world, but I was wearing this dress the ultra-fabulous Mercedes of Mercedes Bien Vintage in Adams Morgan sold to me. It was made of this textured, stiff fabric that had no give but fit snugly around every curve. Hah, “curve[s]”… the dress certainly made it look like I had some.

    There are times when you wanna be all thoughtful with the mixing of the patterns and the creativity and the some such… and there are times where you just wanna be fierce. This was one of those latter times. Wish I could’ve given better face, but eh.

    Dress: Dana Deatherage (apparently a now-defunct Miami-based designer during the late ’80s/’90s)
    Blazer: Norma Kamali for Walmart (HAH)
    Belt, bracelet: secondhand
    Bone clutch: Vivienne Westwood
    Shoes: Donald J. Pliner

    Speaking of face, here I am giving awkwardface while presenting my t-shirt to some cameras. As for the design itself:

    Nothin’ much, tried to make it a little whimsical. As whimsical as a charity event about infant mortality can be, that is.