19 Oct 2011
  1. There are several reasons:

    1) I’m lazy

    2) I have nothing new to say.
    Even while I was still blogging regularly, I’ve felt for over a year that I’ve gotten “old”. Not old in a sense of age (though I did start when I was 17, and that was definitely a different, younger me), but old in that I’m not as eager to shout out to the world my ideas on style anymore. There are zillions of style bloggers out there now younger, more stylish, more experimental and much more “hungry” than I am. My clothes used to yell out who I was as a person without me having to say anything. I needed to prove a point. Now I feel like I don’t need to anymore. Which leads me to another reason I haven’t blogged:

    2) My priorities have changed.
    I’m eternally grateful and shocked that people still read this blog, somehow find my contact information and still commission for design. 90% of the work I’ve gotten has been through this blog. So it’s weird to think that I’m now devoting 100% of my time developing my graphic design sense, doing client work and getting through school, even though it started through blogging. Fashion and style was and will always be a hobby for me, but design started as a career path I wanted to take but now has become my life.

    3) I’ve gotten comfortable.
    Which is kinda like #1. I used to constantly think about what I was going to wear. I planned out my outfits days in advance. I didn’t like to be comfortable. I thought people dressed for “comfort” were lazy. Well, now I’ve become one of them. Maybe it really is an age thing, but I’m do much more concerned with wearing something that suits me and makes me feel at ease with my body, instead of Decorating it. I still love combining patterns and mixing textures and clashing colors. But now, I’d rather wear 1-2 things instead of 12. And I feel that’s something people want from 10,000 other blogs, but not mine. I really only get “dressed up” like I used to for special events. And even then, I’d rather just post pictures to Facebook, not bothering to write some silly sentences about it.

    So I guess that was only 3 reasons. But that just about sums it up. Long story short, my life has changed and I’m focusing on other things now. And I’m lazy.

    (the photo I posted below is what I wore today. Most of the stuff is from Target)

  2. 26 May 2011
  3. Popkiller is a Japanese-owned vintage and kitschy oddities store in LA.

    There are numerous locations around the area, but I happened to find the Popkiller Second in Little Tokyo.

    There are shops with similar “new with old clothing” concepts everywhere, but Popkiller stood out to me especially because the new stuff they carry appeals directly to a slave-to-the-trends blogger’s sensibilities.


    Such as these fur tail thingies! I had to tear myself away from buying one. Tacky as hell? Probably. Automatically popular because they became a thing in Japan? Yes.

    I also like that their new clothing is priced similarly to their vintage clothing. 

    As an aside, I happened to see a girl there I photographed two months ago at the Melrose Flea for her style and her reasonably priced vintage clothing booth. Not sure if she works at Popkiller, but we exchanged glances. Don’t know her name either.

    Anyways, my strategy for visiting vintage shops thus far has been a mixture of Yelping and random stumbling. If anyone has more specific recommendations, that would be gr-r-r-reat!

  4. 25 May 2011
    SO LA

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  5. So, I’ve been in LA for about a week and a half.

    Unfortunately, it’s been too cold to work an “as little clothing as possible” strategy like I hoped, but I’m still doin’ the LA hipster thing with the ripped white denim vest and the maxi skirt.

    That’s about it right now!

    Vest, bag, shoes: secondhand
    Hat: Accessorize
    Tank top: courtesy of rag & bone
    Skirt: UO 

  6. 12 May 2011
    My Annual BM Purchase

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  7. And by “BM” I mean Black Milk, of course! For the past two years I have managed to finagle my way into obtaining Black Milk goods around my birthday. THIS year, will it be…

    The Red Galaxies? Previously sold out!

    Negative Leg Bones? So slimming!

    Pink Suspenders? I admit, I just really want to answer the styling challenge on the product description page… my god I would style these so hard.

    Pulp Sesame? I’ve been looking for a swimmable one piece and no better place to look but to Black Milk, amirite?

    This is definitely on my top 5 list of Most Difficult Decisions.

  8. 10 May 2011
    Bananas n Puddin

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  9. I just realized that I’ve only done three five outfit posts in 2011. So… let’s get to it!

    Channeling some serious ’70s vibes. I went to a fancy dinner event the other day — it’s been a while since I attended an event solo. Therefore, perhaps there were some “rules” about dressing that I forgot about? Like exposed midriff? Got a lot of disturbed stares for that one.

    Not to toot my own horn (actually, yes, tooting my own horn), but I like the silhouette the clothes make. The super flared hat, cinched hat, flared pants. Plus, I like how my outfit is all neutrals but with pops of color! Wow~~!

    Also, lip color! It’s been a long time since I purchased anything beauty-related (except my now-requisite eyeliner), so I decided to spew out the big bucks for the YSL ROUGE VOLUPTÉ lipstick in “Rich Burgundy”. And not coincidentally, it matches my hat perfectly! Bam!!

    Hat, belt: H&M
    Top, pants: secondhand
    Heels: Rampage 

  10. 06 May 2011

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  11. My whole role in fashion:district was to show off the magazine I created, called “ADORN: DC’S SECONDHAND LIFE”.

    The goal was to celebrate the creative potential with secondhand clothing, by means of a fashion editorial and a map.

    Download the whole thing here: http://brookekao.com/adorn_web.pdf

    The map:


    My fashion editorial (view entire editorial here) that I organized, styled and shot (thanks Mia and Yenee for the hair and makeup!)

    Clothing tags for the pop up shop items:

    Mah business card:

    Aaaaand that’s about it!

  12. 05 May 2011
    rag & bone

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  13. There’s been a number of store openings in good ‘ol DC lately, and now rag & bone has been added to the fray.

    The store is opening up in Georgetown (3067 M St NW) tomorrow, May 6 (correction, some time next week, my bad, stay tuned). If you’re a student, you get 15% off! AND there will be cupcakes. Who doesn’t like cupcakes and store openings?!

    Yes, I was asked by the folks of rag & bone to advertise this event, mostly because they asked me to be a part of rag & bone’s DIY project! This basically involves me wearing nice clothes and putting pictures up on the Internet.

    Anyways, should be neato!

  14. 05 May 2011
  15. Weeks overdue!

    I never gave any indication on this here blog, but I participated in this spring’s fashion:district which took place at Longview Gallery. 

    The night consisted of a runway show featuring some local DC designers and pop-up shops. And I was one of said pop-up shops!

    This was actually a school-related project for me. As some may know, I’m a graphic design major. One class was more or less an independent study where I organized and designed pieces for an event for a topic of my choosing.

    Naturally, I put my focus on secondhand, particularly in the vintage shops around DC. It was really a way to show my years of “research” of visiting and documenting vintage, consignment and thrift stores in the area.

    For the pop-up shop, I borrowed clothes from the fabulous Polly Sue’s and Mercedes Bien.

    More on the actual magazine later. Some additional photos from the event:

    What I wore to the event. Vamped and greased it up. Photo by Chris Leaman for the Washingtonian.

    Secondhand lace jacket, crinoline skirt and beaded dress, Black Milk bodysuit, Pink Duchess heels, Marc Jacobs bag

    I have to thank my main man Duncan here, who diligently spoke on my behalf (probably better than when I speak for myself) when I was off galavanting to take pictures or to get my makeup done for me.

    My gurl Vicky, who was also the cover model for my magazine.

    That’s it for right now! More on other stuff later.

  16. 30 Apr 2011

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  17. There are tens of other more important things I could be posting about. But no, today’s post will be on… turbans.

    In 2007, I greatly disliked turbans. In 2010, I thought they were okay. The day before yesterday I kind of liked them but thought it wouldn’t fit my style. But today…

    Black and white polka dot doesn’t look half bad!

    I guess I didn’t like how the popular "fashion" turbans squashed the head into a pumpkin shape, but using a gigantic scarf like this one creates this more exaggerated, vertical shape.

    There are zillions of turban tying tutorials, but here is how I tie a turban… aka same method as everyone else but with huge scarf:

    In the last picture, I’m just folding in the front in case the edge is raggedy…

    Super easy!

    You can also add accessories in there to spice things up — I just added a flower headband, but you can pin stuff, clip stuff, install small sailboats, etc… so on trend for summer~~~!~!!!!!111